Thursday, November 29, 2007

September 11, Christmas in the Fall

Sailor here.

Something very terrible happened two weeks ago on a Tuesday. Mom was upset for days and days. Zoe and I stayed right by her side the whole day, and she didn’t even yell YIKES! when she tripped over us. We took such good care of Mom. At night, I decided to sleep next to her on her bed, something I haven’t done since my rude awakening almost a year ago. Zoe slept on Mom’s other side, something she rarely does since her spot is at the foot of the bed. Mom even chuckled once during the night as she tried to turn over and couldn’t since she was so tightly sandwiched between us.

Mom says that she has had time to think back on the last two weeks and is struck by the spirit of the American people and their willingness to care, to love, to support, and to give. Maybe they are taking lessons from Zoe and me and all those other well-loved dogs in the world.

Mom says that selflessly, Americans everywhere have rallied to aid their fellow brothers and sisters in New York. Thousands of pounds of dog food as well as people clothing, medical supplies, water, and lunches have been donated. Warehouses overflow with the generosity of Americans everywhere. Blood donors across the country are waiting four and five hours in line to donate this precious fluid of life. Search and Rescue dogs will not want for booties, blankets, vet wrap, food or treats.

Mom says that New Yorkers are experiencing a crimeless wave never before imagined. Police are responding not to calls about burglaries or drug deals but instead are responding to calls from every passer-by who are weeping and thanking each of them for their service to the city in these terrible times. In fact, those men in uniform, be it the uniform of fire, police, medical or military service, are hard-pressed to walk down the sidewalk without well wishers and grateful citizens applauding and calling them heroes. Mom cries when she sees this on television, but she says these tears are tears of something other than sadness.

Mom says New Yorkers are coming together as never before to volunteer in whatever capacity may present itself in order to help people they do not even know. People far from the devastation are driving to New York to lend their assistance. Even our hometown Search and Rescue dogs are traveling all the way to New York to aid in the rescue effort. Mom says that these days, we are all New Yorkers.

Arms open wide, wallets empty, tears are shed, comfort is given, all with no thought of repayment or acclaim. Mom says that in spite of the horrific events that have shaken us all, she suspects that Christmas has come early this year. The spirit of Christmas surrounds us. We are one, she says, and the spirit of generosity which defines the Christmas season is here right now.

Zoe says that people are finally beginning to act like dogs and hopes this keeps up for a long, long time.

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