Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Poor Zoe

Jib here.

Poor Zoe. She had a bath today.

And I didn't!

When Zoe has a bath, she comes out all clean and shiny.

Mom comes out all bedraggled and covered in wet fur.

The lawn comes out all snowy.

And Sailor and I run and hide.

(Mom helped me with the big words here.)

My Rear End

Sailor here.

Mom is helping my rear end.

It is old. Sometimes it doesn't do what I want.

So Mom is helping me use it. So I won't lose it.

She helps me go up the steps backwards. It is hard, but I am getting faster.

And I can jump on Mom without getting in trouble now.

I get cookies instead!

I LIKE this new game!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Had a Sleep-Over

Sailor here.

I horked up my whole dinner one morning. Mom said it smelled scary. Not fun.

I had a tummy ache. Not fun.

Mom took me to Dr. Karen. Dr. Karen poked my paw and my tummy and took pictures of my insides. Not fun.

I had to stay with Dr. Karen ALL DAY. Really not fun.

Then Mom took me to an all-night hospital. It had really shiny floors. Not fun.

Mom left me and I yipped for her to come back. Really not fun.

My tummy hurt a little. Not much fun.

I had a sleep-over. Not much fun either.

Mom brought my quilt so it smelled a little of home. Almost fun.

I made new friends. Fun.

They petted me and fed me. Fun.

They took me for walks to pee. Fun.

They fed me again. Really fun.

I slept and woke up and slept and woke up again. Almost fun.

And then Mom came back and took me home. Great fun!

Mom says I had gasto-gaso-ent (what was that, Mom?)

Oh. Could you please spell it?


My liver is not back to normal, either, but Dr. SleepOver told Mom not to worry too much. She told me to have another test. Just in case.

Mom is feeding me a blank diet. Fun.

What, Mom? Oh. A BLAND diet.

Mom mixed cooked chicken, rice, and yogurt. She said it was so yummy that she had some for HER dinner. She put salt on hers, though. Fun.

I am not supposed to tell anyone about Mom's dinner. In case they think Mom has become unhinged. Like our scream door. Will Mom swing slowly, slowly in the breeze? That would be fun to watch.

I get to eat three or four times a day! Really, really fun!

Jib is jealous.


I May Be Famous

Sailor here.

I may be famous.

I won an award.

Mom is tickled pink.

What does THAT mean?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Overheard Saturday Morning

Jib: "Hey, look! Mom made me a blanket!"

Sailor: "Me, too!"

Zoe: "It's called a quilt. That's what she does upstairs."

Jib: "She makes quilts?"

Zoe: "Yes, whaddya think was happening?"

Jib: "She watches me sleep. And sits in a chair and drops thread on the floor."

Sailor: "And she gets up and turns around to re-make her bed and sits down again."

Zoe: "Nope, she was so-ing and doing hot things with a iron."

Sailor: "Are there pictures on your quilt?"

Jib: "Yes! I have boats and sails and oceans."

Sailor: "I have boats and sails and seagulls."

Zoe: "She made quilts so you won't ruffle her rug."

Sailor: "Really? Now I can dig my quilt into a bed?"

Zoe: "Yup."

Jib: "No more digging in the rug?"

Zoe: "Nope."

Sailor: "Do YOU have a quilt?"

Zoe: "Yes, in my dogloo. Mom made it a long time ago."

(long pause)

Sailor: "Doesn't smell like boats and sails to me."

Jib: "Me, neither. Smells like hands and cloth."

Sailor: "That's even better."

(sound of digging)

Jib: "Hey, it works!"

Sailor: "Mine! Dig your own quilt!"

Saturday, August 14, 2010

In the Weeds

Jib here.

Mom says Zoe is in the weeds.

Sailor says this means she's in big trouble.

Mom had to call the plumber guys to fix the sprinkler.

Zoe said she dug it up because it sounded funny. She got wet and muddy. Then she took a nap.

I bet she has a bath today...


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Prodigal son?

Jib here.

Mom says one of our jay babies came home.

He sits in the tree and yells. He yells at me. He yells at Sailor. He yells at Zoe.

He is almost grown up.

Just like me.

Mom says I am ALL grown up but am still like a puppy sometimes.

I hope the jay plays with me. I like puppies.

Monday, August 9, 2010


Sailor here.
My favorite thing is Mom.

Jib's favorite thing is Frisbees and chicken thighs and Mom.

Zoe's favorite thing is Walkies.

Mom takes us all on Walkies every day. We go early when it's still cool.
I hold Zoe's leash. Mom holds Jib's leash. And Mom also holds MY leash, but I'm not sure just how.

Mom carries lots of good stuff in her pockets. She has cheese bits, peanut butter cookies, kleenex for her drippy nose, pooper bags, and sometimes something that smells big and yummy. She says that's why she looks fat in her sweartshirt.

I hope she's not fat. Fat means string beans and pumpkin and rice cakes and not so much chicken and breakfast glop.

I am NOT fat, either!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Zoe's Week

Sailor here.

Mom brushes Jib every day. She brushes me every day, too. She brushes Zoe every week.

Today was Zoe's week.

Mom sneezed and sneezed.

I wonder why.