Monday, November 26, 2007

Half-Fast Day and Civic Duty

Sailor here.

Yesterday was another Half Fast day. Mom had to spell this to me because at first I thought she was saying something rude. What she meant was that I didn't get any supper! No bones! Now that IS a half-fast thing to do. But at least this time I had breakfast so I don't have to make my empty-tummy point by horking in the middle of the night. But no supper -- will I actually survive these half-fast days? Does Mom care? I think I will grumble about this a while and see if I can change her mind. I will get my tummy to grumble, too. On the other paw, Mom gave me an egg and some yogurt with my breakfast, so maybe all is not lost.

On a happier note, Mom has been home a lot this week, and I love it! She says she is doing something called Gerry Rigging on a tennis court and sitting in a box and listening to people testing money. I know all about Gerry Rigging, because, after all, I am a Sailor, but the testing money is a puzzle. And why is she in a box? Did she have to go for a time out? The good thing is that she goes to the Gerry box later than usual in the morning, comes home for a long lunch (HER lunch, mind you, not mine), and gets home before it's dark. We get to have long walks in the morning and hug a lot at lunchtime and play in the back yard before dark.

I love it!

I hope she listens to people testing money for a long time. She also said she is Four Persons in the Gerry box and has a lot of responsibility to make sure business is taken care of properly. Well, I can say that she's VERY good in this department, but I don't know about her being four. One of her around here is enough.

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