Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nothing Has Changed

Sailor here.
Zoe had a sleepover last night.She didn't go back North.  She stayed here to play with me.
Nothing has changed.
She still tries to bully me.
I still tell her off.
Then she laughs and runs in circles.
I herd her.
I laugh and herd her some more.

Zoe, how about a snack?

Friday, October 19, 2012


Sailor here.

It's wonderful at the Rainbow Bridge!
I can eat all I want. All day long if I want.
The water tastes great!
I can run and never get tired.
Zoe came down to chase me.
And best of all, guess what?

I got my testicles back!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

SAILOR (November 13,1998 to October 18, 2012)

From Sailor's Mom:

Sailor, you turn toward me in the sun and your coat shines before my eyes, gold as the first rays of dawn, red as the sunset. You are my sun, my warmth.

Your ruff glows white as that perfect cloud on that perfect summer day.  You are my cloud.  You are my sky.

Your eyes are the deep brown of the earth, glinting with mischief, alive with happiness.  You are the earth, soft and rich.  You are the soil from which my love grows.

You are my happiness.  You are my light. You are my life.

Your love sweeps across my sky, across my earth, across my heart, shimmering, beautiful.

You looked up at me this last time, grateful, adoring.  There is no sadness in your eyes, no regret.  I see peace. I see love. 

There are rainbows in your eyes. 

And some day when my pain has faded to a whisper, I will smile with memories of you
and fill my heart with all the colors of the dawn, of the sunset, of the earth, of the sky.  

Sailor, you and I will walk together always in the shadow of the Rainbow.

Sailor, oh my Sailor

From Sailor's Mom:

Sailor and I have done so many things together: obedience, agility, therapy, backpacking, a little tracking, herding, modeling for calendars. We did it all but most importantly, we did it together, our bond growing stronger and stronger with each class, each competition, each activity. He is such a wonderful boy, my first dog, with a heart as big as the moon. Sailor's memory will live on long after his ashes have been scattered in the sea.

Sailor, your ship as come to carry you home.

Godspeed to the Rainbow Bridge.
Wait for me there.

And when my time has come to follow you into the light,
To meet you waiting at the Bridge,
You will be the first that I shall seek.
Yours will be the first hello.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Whisper in My Ear

Whisper in my ear
The story of my life
While I lie close and warm
And feel your love surround me.

Whisper in my ear
The story of your love
And I will whisper back
The love I have for you.

Lip to ear,
Heart to heart -
The story of our life
Together always.

Tell me what you loved the best
And I will whisper back
The story of our laughter,
The story of our love.

Whisper in my ear
Your last good-bye
And I will whisper back
"Thank you, I love you, thank you."

Lip to ear,
Heart to heart.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My boy

Jib here.

Here's my boy.

I love him.

He loves me.

I kiss him.

He drools in my fur.

Mom says it's Karma.

Whoever she is.