Saturday, November 24, 2007

Mom Becomes a Husky

Sailor here.

Zoe has been teaching me to be a Siberian. But yesterday, Mom became one.

Mom has been busy walking around grumbling about Many Paws.

Zoe said, “Mom is growing more paws and that's why she keeps grumbling and throwing off her sweaters. Growing paws makes her hot and crabby.”

“Okay,” I looked around, “So where are these paws?”

“Mom says that this takes quite a while, so bear with her,” Zoe answered.

I was confused. “Is she growing dog paws or bear paws?”

I mean, really, how was I supposed to keep up with Mom's growth spurts if she kept confusing me like this? I hoped she would grow dog paws so she can keep up with me when I bark and chase Zoe through the backyard.

And then this morning, Mom woke up with a facemask like Zoe's. Zoe has two goggles and a stripe down her nose. Mom has one goggle and no stripe down her nose. Like Zoe, Mom's goggle is black but with a lot of red mixed in. Unlike Zoe, Mom says her goggle will change from black and red to green and yellow. Curious.

Mom said she got her goggle the day before when she plucked toadstools from my lawn. As she bent over, Zoe and I chased pretty close to Mom. I think Mom and I knocked heads. At least, I heard this BONK and had to sit down for a while.

"OWWWW, Sailor!" Mom cried, and sat down on the toadstools.

I thought that was appropriate; that was probably what toadstools were for, even though Mom was not a toad.

Mom then went inside and got an ice bag and held it up to her face. She had a small lump on the side of her eye. I thought this was the end of it, but this morning Mom woke up looking like a Siberian husky! She says she has what is called a black eye, and I certainly see why. She said while she slept, the bruise slipped down and made a blotch like a goggle under her eye.

I wait for the day that Mom will finally grow many paws. I wonder if I can manage to bonk her other eye. Then she will look just like Zoe. Maybe then she'll play Growly Spithead with me, and Chase, and leap-over-the-Sailor. Zoe would love it!

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