Monday, November 26, 2007

Rude Awakenings

Well, Sailor here and also on the floor again. Let me explain.

I used to sleep with Mom on her bed. I didn't start out that way, but somehow I ended up that way a little while ago. Now, don't get me wrong; I love being with Mom, but sleeping on all those duck feathers is a little too warm for me. AND Mom sometimes hogs the bed. I know she doesn't mean to, she just kind of sleeps in the middle and I have to curl up somewhere not in the middle. That's OK because I really love being scritched in the middle of the night and I can smell when she wakes up even before she opens her eyes. But when Zoe sleeps over, Mom's bed really gets crowded. Zoe is a bed-hog! She crawls between me and Mom and pushes her legs way out and makes more room for herself than is fair.

Anyway, all this bed business came to an end a few nights ago. There we were, the ducks were fluffed up under us, Mom was lawn mowing, I was asleep, the owl was hooting, and Mom decided to roll over. Big mistake. Now this is not a problem usually, but the night was warm, the comforter was not comforting, and I rolled away from her so as not to get too snuggled and overheated.

BAM! Scrabble, scrabble!

"What just happened?" I asked myself. “And why am I on the floor?”

"Sailor, did you fall out of bed?" I heard Mom ask. She sometimes overstates the obvious.

I spent the rest of the night on my fish blankie on the floor. It was cooler there and I don't think you can fall off the floor.

The following night nothing would persuade me to Hup onto Mom's bed. Mom says she understands; I get to sleep below decks, Mom gets the bed all to herself unless Zoe comes over, and the owl will go on hooting. Mom says owls never fall out of bed.

Photograph © reprinted with permission

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