Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Desperadoes All!

Sailor here.

I am the good dog. The other two? Desperadoes! Zoe instigates, Jibby executes, I tell on them, and they both get in trouble.

Zoe to Jib: "Hey, logs are FUN to carry around."

Jibby knocked over the firewood basket to get logs. Only there weren't a bunch of logs in it (easy to pick up). Nonono, there was one small log and about 4 inches of dirt, leaves, large bark, medium bark, tiny bark, and bark so small I call it dust. AND Zoe told Jibby to do it right after Mom finished vacuuming which meant that for one shining second, the floor in the family room was actually clean. One shining second.

Zoe: "Now run through the house and see how many things you can knock over with the log hanging from your mouth."

Table lamp: $65 (the OTHER one; the Desperadoes knocked over the first lamp last week.)

Cardinal bird finial: don't know the cost. (Super glue didn't work on its poor broken tail this time, either)

Window pane: Don't know yet, but mosquitoes are beginning to be a problem.

Zoe to Jib: "Digging in mud is grand!" as she proceeded to dig up yet another sprinkler. She has gotten clever. Instead of a creating a $300 geyser ($75 to repair, $225 water bill), Zoe created a slow seep (only $160 extra on the water bill last time) which was really hard to find, since it didn't shoot up into the air. Mom shuddered about the water bill this time around. And yelled about all the mud.

Jib to Zoe: "Mom says I look like a tricolor collie. Even my face."

Mom: "Aaargh!!!!!”

Well, at least it's not winter any more and Mom was able to hose Jib and Zoe off on the lawn.

Zoe: "Hey, WET LAWN, let's DIG!"

Zoe: Banished to the dog run.

Jibby: In jail, too.

Water bill: Big bucks
Plumbing repairs: Smaller bucks
New vacuum bags and filter: Less bucks (Mom didn't spring for a HEPA this time)
Table lamps and finials: Pretty replaceable
Desperadoes: PRICELESS