Friday, September 30, 2011

Mom Loves Me!

Sailor here.

Mom loves me. She loves me BEST!

I love her best, too.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's My Birthday!

Jib here.

It's my birthday!

Mom says I've made great strides in the past six years.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Project Dog

Jib here.

Mom is smiling. She saw my page in the book, Project Dog, and is smiling. Again.

I am a star!


Mom wants me to give the link to the book.
Here it is:

Mom says pretty soon, I will have to give out pawtographs!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Had a Job!

Sailor here.

Jib is not the only one with a job. I had a job. Last night. A real dog job!

Mom's dog training club had a CGC test. Mom says CGC stands for Canine Good Citizen. That means Pretty Good Dog.

I was one of the dogs! I got to mill in a crowd. I got to walk with Mom. I got to be polite and gentlemanly. I got to ignore all the other dogs.

But best of all, it was PAYDAY!!

Cookies all around.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I Am Better!

Jib here.

Good morning, Mom! Why are you so sleepy? I FEEL GREAT! I slept! I breathed! I coughed, but it didn't hurt.

Where's breakfast? Where's my pill? My get-well pill?

Can I go outside and play?

Can I hunt squirrels?

Can I play Frisbee?

Um, well, maybe I will just look for squirrels and Frisbees.

And not run and play until after lunch.

What? No lunch?? BUT I AM SICK!!!!!

I Am Sick

Jib here.

I am sick. Mom says I am really sick.

I am coughing. I am tired. It is hard to breathe.

Mom says she thinks I breathed something in. Into my lungs. Something that didn't belong there. Like peanut butter. Like Tessie's peanut butter. In her tiny Kong. That I stole. Two dark sleeps ago.

Mom says she got worried when she saw me watching television. She was worried because the television wasn't on. She says I was looking at it because I just trying to breathe.

Yes, Mom, I know. I am sick.

So Mom took me to the hospital. Tonight. Late tonight.

We waited for the doctor. We waited with other dogs. The other dogs wanted to say Hi to me. But I was too sick to sniff them.

We waited with some cats. The cats yowled with big eyes, but I was too sick to chase them.

Mom gave me a cookie, but I dropped it and was too sick to pick it up.

Finally we saw the doctor. He took my picture. A picture of my chest. He listened to my chest, too. With his chestoscope. He patted my head. He said I was beautiful. And sick.

He said I had something like New Moan. Mom says that means I am sick.

Yes, Mom, I know.

Someone did a pinchy thing on my neck and Mom gave me a cookie. I ate this cookie. It was better than the last one. It was worth eating. Even though I am sick.

We got home in the middle of the night. Mom said I was breathing easier. I said I was very tired.

Mom says I will be better tomorrow. I think I can sleep now. With my head on the floor.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Am a Hero!

Jib here.

Mom took Sailor out. Without me. She left me with Tessie.

Tessie was unhappy. She sat at the front door and barked for her Mom. She even barked for MY Mom. She is terrible at being left alone. With just me.

Tessie barked and howled. She howled and barked.

Then she went and sat on the back of the couch. And cried and whimpered and whined.

Mom came home. Sailor came home. Mom and Sailor came to the door.

Tessie leaped off the couch. She met Mom at the door. Mom opened the door.

Tessie dashed out. She ran. She ran fast. She ran really fast. She ran to find her Mom.

I ran after her.

Tessie ran into the street.

I ran into the street and stopped Tessie. I stopped her and herded her to the curb.

I heard Mom come running, too. I heard a car come driving. I herded Tessie away from the car.

Mom finally reached us and scooped up Tessie. Tessie was frightened at being scrooped. She screeched. She wriggled. She screamed.

Mom held on to Tessie.

Once all the excitement was over, I peed in the bushes. Then we all went inside.

Mom says Tessie needs to learn more door manners. Like me and Sailor.

Mom also said I saved Tessie's life. She said I almost got hit by the car.

Mom says I am a hero. I am proud. Mom is proud, too, once she stopped shaking.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Tessie is Sad

Sailor here.

Tessie is sad today. Every time her Mom leaves, Tessie panics. Then she is sad.

Jib and I are trying to jolly her up.

Jib brought her a squeaky toy.

Tessie didn't want to play.

I lay down next to her couch.

Tessie didn't even smell me.

Tessie is sad today.

Mom says she will help Tessie be not so sad. She took Tessie for a long walk. She didn't even take ME this time. Mom said Tessie was happier on her walk.

Maybe if I act sad, Mom will take ME for a walk.

But I can't fit on the back of the couch. So maybe I can't be sad.