Monday, November 26, 2007

Nicknames for Sailor

Sailor here.

My registered name is too long to remember, but my call name is Sailor. This is what Mom usually calls me, but not always. She has a lot of other names for me that tell me just what she is thinking or what I am doing.

"Calendar boy" is when I find myself on the cover of a calendar. Mom is very proud of this.

“Rugger hugger” is when I have been to obedience class and am a rug and Mom is so overcome with love that she rolls on the floor and hugs me.

“Splash” is when I step in a puddle and then shake the water all over Mom’s pant legs.

“Snoopy” is when I give her a good nose poke on her bare skin in the morning to get her moving a little faster. She says she appreciates this since, if left to her own devices, she would be late in giving me breakfast and taking me for our morning walk.

“Fluffy” is when I have just had my weekly brushing. “Floofy” is when I have just had a bath and a brush-up.

“Wags” is because of my tail.

“Hork Monster” is when I hack up Zoe furballs or threaten to protest, in my own special way, the Half Fast Day.

“Mr. Branch Man” is when I have run through the redwood grove on our property and come back to Mom with redwood branches stuck to my feathers and kilt and tail.

“HPSG” is when I am greedy and boop Mom in her armpit or her butt for more treats. It usually doesn’t work, though. HPSG stands for “hoggledy piggo squealy gruntems.”

“Drooly Gus” is when I take a drink of water. Mom says I drool all across the kitchen floor. Me, drool?

“Big Boy” is just because.

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