Monday, February 28, 2011

Groups Again

Sailor here.

Mom is making Jib practice his Groups. That means he has to sit and stay wherever she tells him. That means he has to lie down and stay wherever she tells him.

Today he was sitting in the sun while Mom dug in the garden.

I tried to help Mom dig, but she told me she didn't need help.

But I smelled COOKIES in her pocket.

So I went to help Jib.

I mean, how can he be a group of only one?

And Mom has cookies.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Poor Zoe again

Sailor here.

Zoe had a sleep over last night. It was more of a sleep in.

Mom said it was too cold for an old lady to sleep outside when the old lady was wet.

Zoe said she wasn't wet, her skin was dry. And she was a husky. She could sleep in snow and ice.

Mom said she felt wet to her. And she was too old to sleep in snow and ice.

I sniffed outside, but didn't smell any snow or ice.

Mom made Zoe come inside. She dried her off. It took two big dog towels.

Then Zoe had to sleep in my crate. All night. I slept in my dog pillow next to her.

I thought she would howl and dig and try to get out. But she just went to sleep.

I went to sleep, too. But I thought about Zoe.

I mean, if she was too wet to sleep outside, why did she sleep inside after Mom dried her?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rainy Day Utility

Jib here.

Mom and I are playing. We are playing Utility.

Mom folded up the food table. She moved the chairs. She made room!

Mom says it's about thirty feet from front door to dining room door.

I say it's just perfect.

It's perfect for Go-Out/Sit. It's perfect for Stand/Sit/Come!

I love rainy day games!
(See how small I am? I'm really big.)

Monday, February 14, 2011

New Job

Jib here.

I have a new job.

It isn't Janitorial Service. Not yet, Mom said.
It isn't helping Mom when she smells a headache. I still get to do this anyway.
Mom says I am going to help kids. I will help kids read. I will be listening to them. I will be polite. I will get cookies!

Long ago, Sailor helped kids read. He got cookies, too! That's his picture with his reading buddy.

Mom said we will go together. That means Mom will drive the dog car. Not me.
That means I will have more baths than normal.
But I will get cookies! And schmooze with kids! My favorite things!
Mom says the kids may even teach me new tricks.
With cookies!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Top Dog

Sailor here.

Zoe and Jib are playing Top Dog.

Zoe makes Jib lie down. Then she punches him in the neck to make him stand up. When he stands, she barks her Zoe bark at him.


And Jib lies down.

Zoe punches him in the neck again. Jib starts to stand, and Zoe yells at him.

And so it goes.

Zoe is top dog. Mom says she keeps Jib in line that way.

I keep Jib in line, too.

After supper, I hump him. To remind him that with me, he isn't Top Dog either.

And Zoe keeps me in line by being the Fun Police. Every time I run after Jib to throw him on the ground, Zoe shoulders me away. She stops all the fun.

But we all really know who's Top Dog around here. She's the one with the cookies and opposable thumbs so she can open doors and refrigerators and put on leashes and take us for walkies.

And we love Mom the best.

Let's See

Jib here.

Mom gave me a new game. It is fun. I use my nose. I choose the right bone. I knock it over. I get a cookie!

Mom says it will help me with articles. She says I am dynamite on the metal ones. But I am confuzled on the leather ones.

Well, yeah, Mom. The leather ones smell more. If I pick up the wrong one, then it smells like the cheese on my tongue. So I want to choose it again. I sometimes miss the cheesy one because of the almost-cheesy one.

So my new game will help me smell New Cookies from Not New Cookies.

Sailor wants to play, too. Zoe says I don't have to let him. But I think I will...just to see...

Then I can steal his cookie.

If Mom isn't watching.