Monday, November 26, 2007

Rainy Days

Sailor here.

Since it is raining, I have spent the day inside with Mom. During a break in the storm, Mom put me in my dog run to keep me safe. She then spent the better part of the afternoon driving over dog food with her car. She says the turkey backs are a crunching cinch, but the emu necks have her stymied. They come back in the house looking like emu necks and not road kill. This means I will have a long supper tonight and maybe have a bone to take outside with me tomorrow. I like emu necks in their original shape, but flattened dog food is easier to eat.

On our rainy day walk this morning, Mom said we had a “worm rain” evidenced by the plethora of helminths on the sidewalk. She actually said this. I say that there were worms all over the ground. I wanted to see the worms rain down from the sky, but Mom says they come up from under the ground. I am puzzled. Mom says that puzzled is OK, but she won’t even begin to explain the expression “raining cats and dogs.”

Worms aside, rainy days are fun especially when Mom lets me outside and leaves the side gate open and I run around the house and stand by the other side gate to be let back into the back yard. It's fun to watch Mom run down the driveway whistling for me and thinking I have gone on a tour of the neighborhood. She's so much fun to scare because when she whistles and sees me come running from behind her instead of in front of her, she laughs and hugs me and says what a good dog I am for running to her. Zoe has laid the groundwork for panicking at a missing dog, and, boy, have I bamboozled her! I never go far, but Mom hasn’t figured this out yet. I got to escape twice in a row because the second time she put me outside, she forgot to latch the same gate. Maybe her brain got a bit squashed in sympathy with all that flattened dog food earlier today.

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