Saturday, April 16, 2011


Sailor here.

Mom is very sad.

She gave me a bath. That didn't make her sad.

She brushed me. That didn't make her sad.

She found mats. Mats in my ruff. That made her a little bit sad.

She says my collar rubs and makes mats. So, she cut the mats out. Out of my ruff.

And by mistake, she cut ME. On my skin.

That made her very, very sad.

She took me to Dr. Karen. Dr. Karen stapled me. She gave me two staples. She also cut my toenails. She cut, er, uh, all my toenails.

But Mom is still very, very sad. She in unhappy that she cut me.

She thinks she's a bad dog Mom. But she's still the best!

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Anonymous said...

Oh man, Sailor. My Dad let me run in the yard and I got big clumps of dirt caked in the fur on my paws. He worked at it for awhile and decided to clip the fur out. I don't like it very much but when he does it he has to bend down and I get to lick his ears. Anyway I was checking his ear and he was being very careful, but right at the end he clipped the skin right between my toes. OW! OW, OW, OW! It bled and I jerked my paw away from him. He felt really bad and I did too. We snuggled on the table and I forgave him, but he felt really bad.
By the way, I told you about my lump but it wound up being an old dog lump. We're watching it, but I can't really see it very well since it's on my side and I can't get my eye around that far.