Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rehash, Rehearse, Whatever

Jib here.

Mom and I are (what's the word, Mom?)...oh! Yeah!

We are rehashing.

What? Oh.

We are REHURSHING. What?


Rehearsing! (Mom helped me with the spelling.)

We are rehearsing for my kids. My kids at school.

We are going to play a lesson.

I am going to be silent. That means quiet. That means I can't talk. Or whine. Or arf. Or say "Rrrrrrrrr."

I can't do anything that has to do with sound. Or noise.

Mom is going to to the talking.

But we are both going to do the walking.

I get to wear a sign over my Kids jacket. Mom gets to wear a sign, too.

She will be the noisy owl.

I will be the silent owl.

But she says she will not hoot.

How can she be an owl if she doesn't hoot?

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