Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mama Jay is Back

Sailor here.
I lay down outside to rest my feet. The breeze was blowing. The air smelled like summer. The birds were singing.

And one bird was yelling. It was the Mama Jay that raised two babies last year. The two jays are grown up and live in my back yard. They yell at each other all the time. They scream at each other and at other jays in the neighborhood.

Mom calls them Cain and Abel.

And now the brother jays' Mama is making a new nest. She yells at the boys to keep away. She yells at me to stay away, too.

I decided to ignore Mama Jay. I decided to take a nap. I shut my ears to Mama Jay's yelling. I closed my ears to Jib's barking. I went to sleep.

And then OW!

Mama Jay woke me up. She woke me up rudely. SHE PULLED SOME HAIR OUT OF MY KILTS!! For her nest! MY hair!

Mom came outside when I yipped to see what was wrong. She saw Mama Jay fly off with a huge hank of my hair in her beak.

Mom petted me and tried not to laugh. She pointed to the Zoe fur on the lawn. She pointed to the Jib fur on the bricks. She says that this time of year, all the bird nests are made from dog hair.

I think I will finish my nap inside.

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