Friday, April 1, 2011

Icky head

Sailor here.

Mom had a headache last night. I told her she did. I pushed her. I herded her. I tried to make her lie down. Even Jib helped me.

But Mom didn't believe me.

She said she felt fine. Just fine.

But when it was sleep time, I heard her in the night. I heard her throw up.

She tried to be quiet. As quiet as a mouse. A mouse with a headache. But I heard her. She was upstairs where I couldn't herd her.

She doesn't hork once or twice like Jib and me. She horks for a long time.

I wrung my paws. I whined. I wanted to go upstairs, but I just couldn't make my feet climb. I whined some more.

Then Jib came downstairs and told me she was better. She took medicine. And she held a cold wash cloth to her face.

He said she began to smell more like happy Mom and less like sick Mom.

I smelled her this morning and Jib was right. She smelled normal.

Well, as normal as she ever is around here.

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