Friday, April 8, 2011

I Am a Gardener

Jib here.

Mom grabbed her wallet and got into the dog car. I stood in the window. I barked: "Hey, Mom, you forgot the dogs! "

Then she left in the dog car. She left the dogs. All of us. Behind!

But she came back. She brought me flowers and squash and tomatoes and impatience. She said she was going to plant them. All of them.

Zoe sniffed and sniffed and Mom shooed her away. She said that Zoe likes to dig and the only one who was going to dig today was Mom.

She lost her patience with Zoe.

Sailor kissed Mom and kissed Mom, and Mom shooed him away. She said she couldn't see where she was planting because Sailor's long nose got in the way. And her face got all wet.

She lost her patience with Sailor, too.

I knocked Mom over by mistake. Mom tried to shoo me away. I didn't shoo. And Mom didn't lose her patience with me. So, I knocked her over on purpose. I like to hear Mom laugh.

Then Mom and I planted flowers and squash and tomatoes and impatience. Mom dug and I booped her in her arm. Mom planted a flower and I booped her on the shoulder. Collie noses are good for booping.

And Mom kept keeping her patience and didn't lose it. She said she planted it. In a pot. A pot of patience. Or impatience. I can't remember which.

When she dug, I leaned against Mom and kept her from falling over again. I was a great helper and a great gardener.

I think this calls for something...yummy.

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