Friday, January 25, 2008


Sailor here.

Mom has gone on this teethie brushing kick. First she kicks me outside, then she brushes my teethies. The teethie goo tastes good, but the brush is annoying. The goo tastes better than the brush annoys, though, so today hopped up on the grooming table and showed her my teethies.
Mom started brushing. My tongue started fighting back. I tried to push the brush out of my mouth. That didn’t work. Mom brushed and brushed. She brushed up one side of my mouth and down the other. Tooth goo went everywhere. My tongue went everywhere. But still, Mom got the job done.

Then it was Jib’s turn. He loves having his teeth brushed because he loves the goo way more than he hates the brush. He is better with his tongue, too. He can flick slobbery goo across the porch! He tried to hit Mom with it so she would go away, but that didn't work. Mom never goes away. And she always finishes the job with Jib, too. Then she goes inside and washes her hands and changes her shirt.

Mom is trying to get Jib to make Ugly Face when she wants to brush his teethies. First she grabs the clicker. Then she grabs some cookies. She tickles Jibby’s upper lip. Jib sometimes makes a small Ugly Face. Mom clicks. Jib gets treats.

I do not. Hmmmph. And I CAN make Ugly Face.

“Show me your teethies,” Mom said to Jib today.

Jib made Ugly Face and then ruined it by smiling. He doesn’t quite get it.

I was standing on the ground looking up at Jib. I made Ugly Face for Mom, but she didn't see. And I didn't get cookies.
I was robbed.

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