Friday, January 18, 2008

Jib Here - It's ME!!!

Jib here.

Hi! Hi! Hi! Can I smell you? Do you have cookies or…
Look! Is that a squirrel? Where? Where?
I’m Jib, I’m Jib, My name is …
Hey, cool shoes! I love the laces! Can I smell…
Cookies! Cookies! Mom has cookies! How can I get one? Maybe if I…
Squirrel! Squirrel!
pant pant pant
Let’s run!!

Jib here. I’m Jibby! I’m Jib but Mom calls me different names, too.

When I’m having fun in the house, my name is Leave It!
When I’m saying Hi to new human friends, my name is Off!
When I see a dog across the street, my name is JibWatchMe!
When I’m lonely, my name is Enough! Hush!
When I’m hungry, my name is WanntEat?
When we are at agility, my name is INCOMING shouted very loud. Playing with the other puppies is much more fun than…

I’m Jib! I’m Jib!

When I want to bark at Sailor and Zoe, my name is Nothing’sHappeningHush.
When Mom and I go walkies, my name is WithMeGoodDog. (I like that)
When I am sleepy, my name is GoodBoyJibby.
When Mom leaves for work, my name is Box. Then I get a cookie when I go out with Aunt Zoe.

When Mom goes to bed, my name is Crate.
When I play with Mom, my name is FrisbeeJibby or SqueakyBallJibby, GET IT!
When Sailor tries to hump me, my name is…

Hey! Squirrel! Squirrel! Squirrel!

My name is Jib!

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