Thursday, January 17, 2008

Nervous No More

Sailor here.

Mom is very proud of me. I am very proud of me. Over the weekend, I earned another leg in Nervous A and now have a Compact Disc somewhere hidden on me as well. I wonder if it is playing music with my microchip.

I find Mom’s happinesses very confusing, though, but I’ll humor her. She holds the cookies.

“Well, Sailor,” Mom said as she grinned and fed me cheese after my turn in the ring. “Three is the lucky number. Three trials, three legs, second place – not too shabby!” She held up a red ribbon for me to sniff. "You have a CD!"

“Gulp, lick,” was all I could manage at the time. I was worrying about having a limp with my now-I-have-seven legs.

“Now you are no longer in Novice A,” she went on. “You are now in Open!”

Open? Open? Did she say Open? Do I dare believe that now I will finally learn how to open things, like doors and cupboards and…and the refrigerator? The refrigerator???

“Actually, Sailor, Open is a lot of fun. You get to retrieve a dumbbell, jump over jumps, do a body slam on the recall…all sorts of fun stuff.”

“No refrigerator doors?” I asked.

“Nope. Just some off-lead heeling in the beginning.”

Off-lead heeling? The bane of my existence. No opening of doors?

“Hmmmph,” I grumbled. “I can just see me heeling around the ring on seven legs, limping and gimping. You may as well call it ‘Mopin’. I am now in Mopin’ A.”

Mom laughed and gave me some water. “Tomorrow will be just for fun, and a chance to earn an insurance leg on your Novice A title,” she said. “There will be cheese and you’ll be back in balance again.”

I perked up. Cheese? All right! With eight legs, I will be better prepared for the Open body slamming and jumping. Bring on tomorrow!

Actually, tomorrow brought itself on, as it always does. It brought heat with it, too. Despite the heat, I had a much better go-round in the Novice A ring since now neither Mom nor I was nervous. I stayed right with her except in the beginning of the off-lead heeling. But I was wonderful anyway. Mom was thrilled and says I even won a blue ribbon!

I liked my red one better, though. It smells like liver. It smells like Mom. But I must admit, blue is Mom’s color.

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