Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sit Stay

Jib here.

Mom says she is tearing out her hair.

Mom says she is being driven to d...d... somewhere with a long name.

Mom says it's all because of my butt.

It won't sit. It won't stay. It shifts. It hitches. It twitches.

Well, Mom. Well.

I have a skinny bum. It isn't soft to sit on. It is not soft at all.

So I shift. I hitch. I twitch.

And sometimes I even stand up.

Moms says she is losing sleep over this. Because I am going to be in a dog show very soon. And I will have to Sit. And Stay. And Stay. And Stay.

And Stay.

So she made me sit on a funny chair thing. I couldn't move. Without falling off. Without losing my balance.

I Sat. I Stayed. And Stayed. And Stayed.

And Stayed.

The funny chair thing is soft. I sink into it. It works for me.

But Mom says she can't take it to the dog show.

So she is shedding and going for long drives. Without me.

What's a dog to do?

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