Saturday, October 1, 2011

Green is Good

Jib here.

Mom took me to an obedience trial today. That's where Mom is obedient and I get to jump.

Sometimes, though, Mom is a trial. Mom says that means that things are hard. But not today. She was fun to be with especially when we heeled. And when I got cookies afterwards!

Mom has been working on my Drop. I dropped. I also dropped the dumbbell when I brought it back to her. But she smiled anyway and I didn't drop it again. I got confuzled somehow and my mouth forgot to hold it.

I loved today until Mom made me sit and left me all alone in the ring. Alone without her. Alone with a lot of strange dogs. But I sat. And sat. And sat. And sat. When she came back to me, she was grinning louder than I remember in a long time. Mom says the Group Sit is my hardest exercise.

Mom sang all the way home in the car. She sang, "God is great, green is good, people are crazy."
I think I know who might be crazy around here. And it's not me.

Sailor says I have two legs in Mopin' and tomorrow is another day. He says Mom will be SO happy if I come home with three legs. He says there will be joy in Mudville and no one will be mopin'. I hope it doesn't rain though. I don't like wet in my eyes or mud on my feet and on my belly.

Sailor says I have six Nervous legs from long ago that Mom put in this Compact Disc around here somewhere. Sailor says I have one more Mopin' leg from earlier this year that Mom stashed in my CD, too. And now I have one more Mopin' leg from today.

But I have FOUR legs. See them? They're right there, at the bottom of my chest. They're right here at the bottom of my kilts. I wonder where all those other legs are gathered. And I wonder if there are cookies in my CD along with those legs.

Oh, why is obedience SO confuzling???

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