Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Brain is Tired

Jib here.

My brain is tired. It is wiped. Wiped out. Out of my head. It may have even fallen out my nose.

Mom says I am brain dead. After today.

Today I went to dog school. I played with Mom for a long time. My brain was tired after that. Especially after the Long Sit. The VERY Long Sit.

Then Mom and I went to dance. We went to a new place. It was dark. It was inside. It had scary stairs.

Mom showed me that the stairs didn't have to be scary. They could be cheesy. They could be hot doggy. After a while, they were OK. Going down was easier than up.

Then we danced on a big box. It was a BIG box. A VERY BIG box. The sides had curtains. The back had curtains. The front was a cliff.

We danced and danced. And danced. Mom called it a rehearsal. I call it fun. And funny. And very interesting.

Mom says my brain was on overload.

So that is why I am so tired.

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