Friday, July 22, 2011

New Family

Sailor here.

We have a new family in the umbrella.

Mom says they are Cain or Abel's kids.

Cain and Abel are last season's blue jays. They sit in the trees and scream at each other. All day long. One of them got married and built a nest in the umbrella. The umbrella where they were hatched last summer.

My Mom said the mama bird laid three eggs. And they hatched. All of them.

The nest is a mess. That is how we know Cain or Abel built it. It is scraggly and falling apart and sticking out all over. Like Jibby's ruff.

Mom says the chicks will fledge any day now. They have their flight feathers. They have their screechy voices. They know how to flutter.

I wonder what we will name them.

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