Thursday, July 7, 2011


Sailor here.

Mom is hovering. She is hovering over ME. She keeps asking me if I am OK.

Yes, Mom, I am OK.

Mom said that I had a seizure. I don't remember that. I don't even know what that is.

All I know is that I got into the dog car to see JD for acupuncture. And then I was lying down drooling and looking out the door and Mom was smelling scared.

I felt a little fuzzy and my balance wasn't great. Mom took me to Dr. Karen and she had her friends stick my paw and then I went for acupuncture and Dr. Karen came and said my blood was fine.

Yes, I know it is fine. I feel fine. Stop hovering, Mom, you are disturbing my sleep.

Mom says we are in the Wait and See mode.

I'd rather we were in the Wait and Feed mode.


Berts Blog said...

Hi Sailor, just checking out other blogs and found yours. I hope you are feeling better.

As for the gotta let your human hover. It is what they do and they do it cause they love us so much.

I hear the sezier monster can really take it out of you so rest up and take care of yourself.

Nice to meet you.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry Sailor - humans smell scared for the strangest reasons. Barking at the neighbors is good therapy for whatever ails you--or even if you are perfectly fine!!