Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Top Dog

Sailor here.

Zoe and Jib are playing Top Dog.

Zoe makes Jib lie down. Then she punches him in the neck to make him stand up. When he stands, she barks her Zoe bark at him.


And Jib lies down.

Zoe punches him in the neck again. Jib starts to stand, and Zoe yells at him.

And so it goes.

Zoe is top dog. Mom says she keeps Jib in line that way.

I keep Jib in line, too.

After supper, I hump him. To remind him that with me, he isn't Top Dog either.

And Zoe keeps me in line by being the Fun Police. Every time I run after Jib to throw him on the ground, Zoe shoulders me away. She stops all the fun.

But we all really know who's Top Dog around here. She's the one with the cookies and opposable thumbs so she can open doors and refrigerators and put on leashes and take us for walkies.

And we love Mom the best.

1 comment:

Jan Mader said...

Annabelle is top dog at our house...she humps poor Maddie all the time!