Sunday, February 20, 2011

Poor Zoe again

Sailor here.

Zoe had a sleep over last night. It was more of a sleep in.

Mom said it was too cold for an old lady to sleep outside when the old lady was wet.

Zoe said she wasn't wet, her skin was dry. And she was a husky. She could sleep in snow and ice.

Mom said she felt wet to her. And she was too old to sleep in snow and ice.

I sniffed outside, but didn't smell any snow or ice.

Mom made Zoe come inside. She dried her off. It took two big dog towels.

Then Zoe had to sleep in my crate. All night. I slept in my dog pillow next to her.

I thought she would howl and dig and try to get out. But she just went to sleep.

I went to sleep, too. But I thought about Zoe.

I mean, if she was too wet to sleep outside, why did she sleep inside after Mom dried her?

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