Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Let's See

Jib here.

Mom gave me a new game. It is fun. I use my nose. I choose the right bone. I knock it over. I get a cookie!

Mom says it will help me with articles. She says I am dynamite on the metal ones. But I am confuzled on the leather ones.

Well, yeah, Mom. The leather ones smell more. If I pick up the wrong one, then it smells like the cheese on my tongue. So I want to choose it again. I sometimes miss the cheesy one because of the almost-cheesy one.

So my new game will help me smell New Cookies from Not New Cookies.

Sailor wants to play, too. Zoe says I don't have to let him. But I think I will...just to see...

Then I can steal his cookie.

If Mom isn't watching.

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