Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Bell

Jib here.

OK, I get the dumbbell game. Find the little metal dumbbell when Mom hides it. Look everywhere. Sniff everywhere. There it is! Bring it to Mom and get a cookie. I love this game.

And I get the Find Mine game when there are two dumbbells (Mom calls them articles) and one of them is Mom's and the other one doesn't smell like Mom.

But I don't get the Find It on the Floor game when Mom says there are three.

Is the game Find the One That Isn't Attached to the Floor?

Is the game Find the One That is Closest?

Is the game Find the One in the Same Place as the one I got a cookie for?

I think the game is Find the One That Isn't Stuck.

Or Find Them All.

But they won't all fit in my mouth.

I know.

I tried.

Mom says I have a big mouth.
But it isn't big enough.

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