Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Jib here.

Mom made a yummy breakfast for me. She gave some to Sailor and Zoe, too.

Mom said it was a doggy version of leftover Hallo Weenies. It smelled like pork. Sailor said it tasted like pork. I ate mine too fast to taste pork.

But it was yummy!

Zoe didn't eat hers. She is not a pork lover. But she wanted to see if I ate the same thing or if I ate something she liked better.

I think she was disappointed.


paula m said...

EVERY dog knows that what the other dog has is better! Was looking at your family picture, looked out the window and noticed leaves blowing around, and realized OMG! It's got to be fur city around your house!! I only had rotties but with 3 all shedding undercoats at the same time, I had black dust bunnies for weeks and weeks. HOW do you keep up with those gorgeous coats?!! Hats off to you!!!

Anne, Sailor, Jib, and Zoe said...

My guys, being double-coated, hold their suntil I brush the shed fur out, so dust bunnies don't have a chance. Zoe is the shedder! She leaves a trail of husky fur wherever she goes.
I brush the collies thoroughly every week and do "vanity" brushings daily before we go for walks. I brush Zoe about once week and she rolls her undercoat. If I keep up with her, her shedding is not annoying unless I'm wearing black pants, ready to go out for the evening, and Zoe becomes extra affectionate. Naturally.

Mary said...

Lovely dogs, Ann, obviously very well cared for, happy, and loved. Love the Hallo Weenie! post, we'll try that here next year with Mr. Bear (Belgian Tervuren Shepherd/Border Collie) and Murphy (Golden retriever/Border Collie). Found the blog link in a posting to the Quiltville list post.