Sunday, November 14, 2010


Jib here.

Mom is getting serious. She makes me STAY. All the time. In different places.

She makes it hard. She leaves me outside and says, "STAY." Then she goes inside and puts my breakfast on the floor.

If I pop up, she comes out and makes me right. Every time.
Then she leaves me somewhere else and I can't move. And if I do, she comes from out of sight and makes me right. Each time. Every time.

Mom says she is seriously practicing our Group Exercises for Open. Whatever that means.

Zoe says it means I have to Stay in the position she left me. No matter what.

Zoe says Groups mean more than just me and Sailor and her. Groups means lot of dogs.

I don't SEE lots of dogs. I only see me and Sailor and Zoe.

So how can we practice Groups without lots of dogs, Mom ?

And why can't I roll on the grass or jump up to see what you are doing? And where do you go when I have to Stay and I can't see you and you can't see me, but you know when I sit up or roll on the grass?

Are you magic?

I don't much like Groups....


Paula M said...

If you don't like stay, you're gonna hate retrieve. It's fun when they just throw it and you run to it. BUT in the retrieve they make you wait foreverrrr until you can chase it. grrrrr

Sharyn said...

Having trained all our dogs over the years, I am a firm believer that it is the training of the human that makes it work. Consistency. Hard for humans and then they holler at their dogs...

Lovely blog, hello to all three from Xing Xing and Xavier, puppy mill double dapple dachshund 'tweener wieners'. It's a struggle ;)