Thursday, November 18, 2010

Recall Games

Jib here.

Mom plays games with me. Yesterday she played Dumbbell Games. Today she is playing Come! Games. She calls them Recall Games.

She leaves me sitting and walks away. She says Stay. The staying isn't fun.

Then she turns and looks at her feet. The staying still isn't fun.

But then Mom starts the game. The game is fun!

She calls Come! I run. I run to Mom.

Sometimes she puts her hand in the air. I drop.

Sometimes she calls Drop! I drop.

Sometimes she stands there and just before I reach her, she turns and runs away. I get to chase her.

Sometimes she throws a ball through her knees right before I get to her. This is tricky for me because she doesn't move her feet. She just moves her knees. She makes a tunnel for me to run through. I chase the ball.

Sometimes she runs away from me when I chase the ball and hides. I find her! I find her behind the high jump. I find her behind the oak tree. Sometimes I find her on the grass, lying down. Then she makes me Sit. I have to sit even though her head is lower than mine.

Sometimes she calls me and dances and claps when I reach her. I get to dance and jump!

Sometimes she calls me and walks away and says Heel when she sees me near her with the eyes she has on the back of her head. I have to heel.

Sometimes she throws my ball and when I run back to her, she says Front! I have to sit in front of her and wait for her to throw my ball again.

Mom says Recall Games make running to her fun. They make me fast! She likes fast.

So do I.


Cheri said...

I think you are a very intelligent dog. And fun!

Paula M said...

Love the training stories. Perhaps if my old guy had more fun during training, he wouldn't have been such a grump. But since he didn't enjoy it, we didn't compete. Although he could do it, he growled and complained the whole time...until I released him. THEN he was all smiles.

Diane in Chico said...

This is a great picture. When dogs talk it makes me smile.