Friday, April 27, 2012

Still Here

Sailor here.
I'm still here. Here in the hospital.
But I can walk today if someone helps me across the shiny floor. The floor is shiny. The floor is slippery. I drool when I walk across it. And I don't like walking across it.
Mom came to see me and my people took me to a special room to visit. I didn't like the floor on the way. I didn't like the floor in the room. But Mom sat next to me on a blanket and the blanket wasn't slippery. I didn't want to lie down at first, but the floor didn't move and neither did the blanket.
I told Mom I was thirsty and she gave me some water. It was good.
I told Mom I was hungry, and she gave me a snack. It was even better.
Then I needed to pee. I told Mom and Mom helped me outside. The floor to outside wasn't slippery. The sidewalk wasn't slippery. I peed. A long pee. Ahhhhh.
On the way back inside, I had to sit down because my rear end stopped following me. But then I got up, it did to, and we went back into our room.
I relaxed. I stopped panting and drooling so much. Mom was there. Everything was OK.
And when Mom took me back to my cage, I walked on the shiny floor. 
So there, floor!

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