Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Hospital!

Sailor here.
I am in the hospital. Not the horse-pital; I am not a horse. The dog-hospital. Except there are cats here, too. But more dogs than cats.
I am here because I am sick. Mom says I might have something called MG. It stands for something I can't spell. Or say. But it sounds rude, like My Ass Gravity.
I don't much like it here.
It all started when Mom took me to Dr. Karen because I couldn't walk very well. My rear end was weak, it hurt, I was unhappy. Dr. Karen took pictures of me. I didn't much like that. She gave Mom medicine for me. It didn't much help. I hurt.
So Mom called Dr. Karen back and she told Mom to take me to another place, the hospital where I am now. The doctor there took more pictures of me. I didn't much like that. But they gave me medicine that made me sleepy and not hurt. And it made me a bit goofy. I didn't mind that part.
I am living here now. I am in a cage. On some blankets. With a pillow. I don't much like my cage.
I drool. I can't walk or stand up. I can sit up, though. But not for long. I don't much like that.
I am getting other medicine that is supposed to help me stand and walk. It isn't working yet. I don't much like that, either.
Mom visits. Today she fed me real chicken. I liked that. Then she tried to feed me something that she says was dog food but really wasn't. I didn't much like it. I spit it out. Ptui! All the way across my cage. Mom laughed and then brought me more chicken. I liked that. Much. And she gave me water. She says that I can have all the room service I want.
The people who live with me here are nice, but they do rude things to my read end, especially when I have to pee. Because I can't stand. I don't much like that. They take my temperature, too. I really don't like that.
I with I could go home with Mom, but Mom says I have to stay until the medicine works. I wish Mom could stay with me.
But she can't. She has Jib and Zoe to feed. But she left me her T-shirt so my cage smells like Mom. It makes me not so much not like it here.
Mom says she will be back tomorrow and every day I am here.
I really want to go home.


Diane in Chico said...

I'm sure if he could talk this is exactly what he'd say :-(

Laura said...

Thank you, Anne, for updating us. I'm so sorry to hear the gallant Sailor is sick.