Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mom's Home!

Sailor here.

Mom's home!
Mom's home!!

Mom's HOME!!!

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Lynn said...

I hope you guys are staying warm and well and enjoying this Christmas season! Just thinking of you and missing the regular happenings around there. My little beagle had dental surgery today - she had to have all her upper jaw teeth pulled. Poor girl! She's almost 16 yrs old. She is curled up in her bed sleeping at my feet right now. The doctor worried her pain might keep her from eating for several days but after waking from a long nap and still groggy, she looked at me like "wait a minute! I think I missed my supper!" Ha ha! She got some Blue Buffalo in the can tonight instead of her usual dry Blue - lucky girl! She ate carefully but no loss in appetite! That vet must not realize that no amount of pain is worth missing a meal over, if you're a HOUND! :D
Take care and MERRY CHRISTMAS Anne! And may all your wishes come true sweet doggies!

Lynn (and groggy Casey the beagle)