Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bah. Humbug.

Zoe here.

Mom took me to the DogWash.

Mom washed me. She blew my coat dry.
She says she spent the afternoon in a miasma of dog hair. She really talks like that.

I am fluffy. I am clean.

So why am I still in jail?


Paula M said...

But Zoe...think of how clean and fluffy you feel. All that undercoat that keeps you so warm is now better able to do its job. The rain will let up some day...soon we all hope. My lab is only out long enough to visit a shrub. Of course, HE doesn't have a good, clean undercoat like you.

Lynn said...

Poor Zoe. Rainy days are really the pits. I hope your weather improves so you can go out and play. It's Christmas week and I bet your mom has some surprises hidden away for you and your collie siblings! Be good doggies!

Lynn (and Casey beagle; recovering from her dental surgery nicely and thinks canned Blue Buffalo is the best! Life is good!)