Friday, October 22, 2010

Looking out the Window

Sailor here.

Jib sleeps. I sleep.

While we sleep, Mom says she makes quilts.

She throws thread onto the floor and cuts and irons.

She mumbles to herself.

But she made me another quilt. It is called Attic Windows.

She wishes she could see this out of our attic window.

She loves the sea.

And she loves me.

Best of all.

I am her Sailor.


Diane in Chico said...

Wow. Beautiful gift for your Sailor.

paula m said...

"And she loves me.
Best of all.
I am her Sailor."

I love this sentiment. I've only had one dog that I truly connected with, knew what he was thinking, and knew HE knew what I was thinking. Thanks for bringing that memory back.