Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lassie Schmassie

Jib here.

Mom and I went to a dog show today. A real dog show. Mom says I was a trial. But that she can't fault me for being a Lassie.

We went into the ring. Mom was happy. I was happy.

Then I heard anger. I smelled anger. I smelled a scared dog. I smelled an angry man. I smelled an upset woman. They were behind the bushes.

I forgot to sit when Mom stopped. I was busy smelling the anger.

Mom told me to Heel and I heeled. But I was worried. I forgot to sit again because we were even closer to the angry man.

Was the angry man going to leap out of the bushes at Mom?

I managed to pay attention to Mom. But when she left me and walked across the ring, the anger got louder and smellier.

Mom called me.

I came.

And I ran past Mom. I ran under the tapes. I stopped in the right place to protect Mom.

I stood and listened to Mom with one of my ears and listened to the angry man with my other one. I wasn't going to let him come near us.

Mom called me again and I came to her.

Mom said I was a good Lassie. The Judge said Too Bad, Really Too Bad.

Mom said I Not Quited in Obedience but Qualified in all things Lassie.

Mom said if I hadn't run off, I might have had a run-off. For a blue ribbon. But she wasn't sad. She was proud.

And Mom says tomorrow is another day.


Diane in Chico said...

Jib, you are a good boy. Like your mom says, tomorrow is another day.

Don't worry about the bad man... but you were right to protect Mom.

Lynn said...

((((((( JIB ))))))) You are such a good dog!!