Monday, August 9, 2010


Sailor here.
My favorite thing is Mom.

Jib's favorite thing is Frisbees and chicken thighs and Mom.

Zoe's favorite thing is Walkies.

Mom takes us all on Walkies every day. We go early when it's still cool.
I hold Zoe's leash. Mom holds Jib's leash. And Mom also holds MY leash, but I'm not sure just how.

Mom carries lots of good stuff in her pockets. She has cheese bits, peanut butter cookies, kleenex for her drippy nose, pooper bags, and sometimes something that smells big and yummy. She says that's why she looks fat in her sweartshirt.

I hope she's not fat. Fat means string beans and pumpkin and rice cakes and not so much chicken and breakfast glop.

I am NOT fat, either!

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Lynn said...

Good morning Anne and pups! Everyone looks so happy to be going for their walk! I love the picture - it just makes me smile to see those happy collie faces! Oh, how I love collies! : ) Keep taking pictures and sharing them. I sure do miss my collies (but seeing that pile of hair in the picture/post below reminds me that I do NOT miss hair!!) : )
At one time we had a husky (in between collies!) and the shedding was pretty intense with that breed as well. I do miss that special husky howl... and the clean scent of a husky - no 'doggie' odor!

I guess it's safe to say I just love dogs, period! LOL!

You guys have a wonderful day!
Hugs from your list friend
P.S. What a mess on the list with that Jhanea gal! Sigh!