Saturday, August 21, 2010

Overheard Saturday Morning

Jib: "Hey, look! Mom made me a blanket!"

Sailor: "Me, too!"

Zoe: "It's called a quilt. That's what she does upstairs."

Jib: "She makes quilts?"

Zoe: "Yes, whaddya think was happening?"

Jib: "She watches me sleep. And sits in a chair and drops thread on the floor."

Sailor: "And she gets up and turns around to re-make her bed and sits down again."

Zoe: "Nope, she was so-ing and doing hot things with a iron."

Sailor: "Are there pictures on your quilt?"

Jib: "Yes! I have boats and sails and oceans."

Sailor: "I have boats and sails and seagulls."

Zoe: "She made quilts so you won't ruffle her rug."

Sailor: "Really? Now I can dig my quilt into a bed?"

Zoe: "Yup."

Jib: "No more digging in the rug?"

Zoe: "Nope."

Sailor: "Do YOU have a quilt?"

Zoe: "Yes, in my dogloo. Mom made it a long time ago."

(long pause)

Sailor: "Doesn't smell like boats and sails to me."

Jib: "Me, neither. Smells like hands and cloth."

Sailor: "That's even better."

(sound of digging)

Jib: "Hey, it works!"

Sailor: "Mine! Dig your own quilt!"

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Diane in Chico said...

You're a crafty dog mom, making luxury beds. They dig in the quilts? And here I thought quilts were for hanging on walls.