Monday, September 7, 2009

Zoe Zoe Zoe

Sailor here.

Mom says that in October Zoe is going back to Maine to live with her Dad and Katy and theGrandGirls. I will miss Zoe. Jib will miss Zoe. And I think Zoe will miss me. And Jib.

Zoe's been with me and Mom for four years now. She's run through screen doors, dug holes all over the lawn, bitten the heads off the sprinklers, unstuffed dog beds, chewed through wooden fences into the neighbor's backyards, dug out of the chain-link dog run and romped through the neighborhood (often), and ripped out the entire garden's drip system twice.

I think Mom's going to miss her.

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TC said...

Zoe sound like my golden lab I had, his page is on my blog. I do miss him and he took care of the fountain pump, the yard pond tubing, the irrigation and lighting systems in the flowerbeds.