Friday, September 11, 2009

Collie Jolly Weekend - Day One

Jib here.

Our weekend has started! I call it Collie Jolly weekend. Mom calls it Collie Chaos. Sailor calls it Boot Camp for Tavish. Whatever you call it, its fun! It’s wild! It’s more collies than I can count.

Mom can count really well. She says we have five collies and a Siberian. I am one of the collies. So is Sailor. So is Tavish. And so are Jamie and Drummer. Zoe is the Siberian.

We ran wild. We played chase. We sniffed and peed and peed again. All over the yard. Mom blew her whistle and we all came running. We all got cookies. Even Tavish.

Mom told us to Sit and to Stay. We sat. We stayed. But not for long. I got up first. Then Tavish. Mom put us back. We sat again. We stayed. Mom took our picture. Then she let us play chase again.

Mom threw me the Frisbee. Jamie yelled for a ball. Drummer barked at the gardeners next door. Tavish ran to the dog yard to say hello to Zoe. Zoe was napping and didn’t hear us. Mom says she is getting harder of hearing by the day. I think she is harder of hearing by the night, too.

Then Mom came out and sat on the steps. She schmoozed us all. Jamie gave Mom tiny kisses. Drummer shouldered him away. Mom put her head over Drummer’s back and Drummer play bowed and backed off. He didn’t want Jamie to schmooze Mom. HE wanted to schmooze Mom. But then he said he was just kidding. Sailor wrung his paws. Mom told all of us the SHE was in charge. We were not in charge. Just Mom. So Sailor stopped wringing and yipping. He was glad he didn’t have to make any choices.

Now we are having some Quiet Time-Out time. Some rest time. Some peace and quiet time. I am quiet by Mom’s feet. Sailor is quiet on Jamie’s blankie. Tavish is quietly asleep in my crate. Jamie and Drummer are quiet on the back porch.

I can’t wait for Noise Time again!


Anita said...

My favorite kind of chaos--the collie kind, with a requisite Siberian (don't know if you remember that we had a Siberian when we had our first 2 collies- Buster and Conner. They "grew up" with our very first dog, a Siberian named Yukon. As a matter of fact, Yukon is the reason we got our first collie, Buster, in the 1st place. My husband-at-the-time, Ed, wanted a companion for Yukon!).

The photo makes me miss all of you!
- Anita, with the collie-boys Kip and Tanner in Maryland

Anne, Sailor, Jib, and Zoe said...

And WE miss you, Anita! I miss seeing Tanner grow up and I really miss not being able to foozle Kip. California just isn't the same without you.