Friday, July 31, 2009

I Am Happy

Sailor here.

I am happy. I am very happy. My neck feels like it always feels. My tummy is fine. I can bark at the gardeners. I can jump onto the deck. I can tell Jib to get out of my face and roll him in the dirt. I can run with Zoe.
I am happy.

I like Mom to rub my neck and shoulders. I still don’t like Mom to rub my back, but she says it is good for my back muscles. I’d rather she does good things to my shoulder and neck muscles. When she massages my neck, I lean into her chest and close my eyes. When she massages my low back, I try to move away from her fingers. Mom says this, too, shall pass. She says that medicine and acupuncture will do the trick.

I do tricks! I did my Lassie trick for her. I did my Bang Bank trick. I even barked when Mom said, “Speak!” Barking did not hurt my neck. Bang Bang did not hurt my back. And the Lassie trick got my cookies!

I am happy.

1 comment:

Jan Mader said...

Oh, someday you'll like it when your mom rubs your back. It will make you feel so much better.

Have I ever told you that my horse, Tango, gets massage and acupuncture? He does.

A few years ago I didn't believe in that kind of thing. Then Tango was lame and couldn't get well. A vet trained in acupuncture and adjusting worked on Tango. Withing three days, he was better.

Now I'm a believer!

Keep doing your Lassie'll get more cookies!