Thursday, June 18, 2009

Middle Names

Jib here.

Do you have a middle name? Sailor does. He says it’s “Good Dog.” Zoe’s middle name is “Oh NO, Not Again.”

I have a middle name, too. Mom says it’s Trouble. I wonder why.

True, Mom left me in the backyard yesterday.

True, I found a flower pot full of flowers.

True, I dug up the flowers.

True, I chewed up the flower pot.

Mom says that’s why I had a bath today. There was mud in ears and my ruff and between my toes.

Yesterday, Mom left me inside, too. That was before she kicked me out to the flowers.

I found a mirror and a wooden hunk of wood. Mom says it WAS a puzzle piece belonging to the GrandGirls. I say it was yummy. Especially the knob on the top.

True, the mirror smelled like Mom’s hands.

True, it crunched really well.

True, I didn’t swallow any of it. Or the puzzle pieces.

True, Mom made a face and said, “Your middle name is Trouble. I thought we were through with that.”

True: We will NEVER be through with that! Even when I am as old as Sailor. Even when I am as old as Zoe. Or even…Mom! Never!

I chew. I am a dog. I chew. That’s how I find out about things.

True, I chew.

My middle name should be Chewy.

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