Saturday, May 30, 2009

Breakfast at the Park

Jib here.

Mom has lost her mind. She says I am competing. I am competing in a few weeks. I need to be hungry.

Well, I AM hungry.

I am hungry at the playground.

I am hungry at dog school.

I am hungry in the park.

Mom takes me to the park for breakfast. She sets up my crate. She puts my breakfast on top. Then she asks me if I am hungry.

Yes! Yes! I AM hungry.

Then she tells me to Get Ready. She tells me to Heel. She tells me to Sit and Stay. She tells me to Get Ready again. If I Get Ready really fast, I get breakfast. If I heel right next to her, I get breakfast. If I sit and watch her, I get breakfast. Or a bit of breakfast.

Sometimes I get it all. Sometimes I get many bites.

I think that maybe Breakfast in the Park is the same as Breakfast in the Backyard.

Zoe says that someday I may even have Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Who is Tiffany? I want to go to her house and Be Hungry.

Mom says that if I can Be Hungry at the dog show, I will be dynamite.

What is dynamite?

Sailor hopes it’s a large, juicy cookie, big enough to share.

Zoe says it’s something that blows up.

I don’t want to blow up.

Blowing up means a trip to the vet.

A very, very fast trip.

And it means awful things done to my insides.

I don’t want to be dynamite!

I want to be hungry. At the Park.

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Terri Farley said...

HI Anne,
Just introducing myself as another writer in Patricia's blog and thanking you for the glimpse of your magnificent collie. I love collies, have had many in my life, but none right now. Going to check out your books!