Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bring It On!

Jib here!

Life is good! Life is sweet! Life is full of dropped turkey bits and cookie crumbs. The Two E’s and a C are here. So are their Mom and Dad. Their Mom and Dad don’t drop much. But the E’s do. And C is just my size: tongue level.

I am learning about new food. Cheerios is not a new food, but Cheerios and Milk sloshed on the floor is. Pumpkin Pie is new. So is Peas in a Package. I don’t much care for Peas in a Package. But I love Carrots and Salad Dressing.
But best of all is Turkey Sandwich Bits served on my dog bed. Unless C is sleeping on top of my sandwich. Then all I get to do is Leave It!

Mom is feeding me pumpkin from the can. With breakfast AND dinner. Mom says my digestion is not up to her Granddaughters’ generosity.
I say, Bring It On!
All of it!!

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