Monday, November 12, 2012

(Don't) Go Fly a Kite (Ears)

Jib here.

Kite is having ear woes.

I had ear woes, and after a year and a half, Mom gave up.

But Mom says she can't give up on Kite. Mom says at some point, he's supposed to get all dressed up and go into the conformation ring and run around in circles and stare at cheese. And he needs tipped ears for that.


Does he need tipped ears to hear Mom call him to Front from 50 feet away?

Does he need tipped ears to hear Mom say, "Find Mine" when he's doing Articles?

Does he need tipped ears to hear Mom tell him to Drop when he runs to her on a recall?

Does he need tipped ears for that? And that? And that?

I don't think so.

But Mom isn't going to give up.

So to spare little Kite a world of glue and bother, let's all chant:

Tip, ears, tip!


WooPak said...

Glue! Mom! Glue!!!

Cynthia said...

Quinn has his ears taped too, and though he doesn't really like having them done, so far they are holding out well. He gets to romp in the conformation ring too, even this weekend!