Thursday, October 18, 2012

SAILOR (November 13,1998 to October 18, 2012)

From Sailor's Mom:

Sailor, you turn toward me in the sun and your coat shines before my eyes, gold as the first rays of dawn, red as the sunset. You are my sun, my warmth.

Your ruff glows white as that perfect cloud on that perfect summer day.  You are my cloud.  You are my sky.

Your eyes are the deep brown of the earth, glinting with mischief, alive with happiness.  You are the earth, soft and rich.  You are the soil from which my love grows.

You are my happiness.  You are my light. You are my life.

Your love sweeps across my sky, across my earth, across my heart, shimmering, beautiful.

You looked up at me this last time, grateful, adoring.  There is no sadness in your eyes, no regret.  I see peace. I see love. 

There are rainbows in your eyes. 

And some day when my pain has faded to a whisper, I will smile with memories of you
and fill my heart with all the colors of the dawn, of the sunset, of the earth, of the sky.  

Sailor, you and I will walk together always in the shadow of the Rainbow.


Lynn said...

I am so sad to read these beautiful yet heartbreaking words. I've been there... more times than I wish. It's been a month since I've been able to go blog surfing so I've missed a lot. Dear Sailor - I will sure miss you. :'( I see the circle of life continues as Kite has joined the family. May he bring good cheer and ease the sorrow. We have been dogless for more than a year since the passing of our elderly little 16 1/2 yr old beagle. It has been too long, but soon we will begin again as a litter of pups has been born in our area and they are 4 weeks old tomorrow. It's time for puppy kisses and warm fur and gentle adoring eyes and heart again in our house. What is it about dogs?? I love them so! Bless you and your beautiful pups!

Anonymous said...

Today is a sad day as we will all miss Sailor. The hole in your heart will heal in time. I have three rescue collies now and when I look at them I see a little of Sailor in their eyes. He will not be forgotten.

The Calico Quilter said...

Thank you for sharing Sailor's wonderful life with us through this blog. I hope that the pain in your heart begins to heal soon and you can remember your beautiful boy with more joy than sorrow. We cry with you.