Saturday, May 26, 2012

Good-bye, Josie

Sailor here.

I am taking care of Mom again. She is still sad about Zoe and she is sad about Josie.

Josie went to the Rainbow Bridge today. She is the family cat. She lived upstairs here for a while while Katy was finding a house for Josie and the rest of her family. Josie loved to hunt and caught mice and birds. She never wanted to play with me or Zoe or Jib, but  she was happy to play with everyone else. She slept and looked out the window and teased Jib when he was having a bath.

Zoe said Josie belonged to HER and Josie said she belonged to Josie. That's how cats are.

Mom said Josie disappeared from Katy's new house a while ago and then she was found. But her poor body couldn't go on any longer because she couldn't find enough food when she was lost. So Katy let her go join Zoe and Zoe came and showed her the way to the  Rainbow Bridge.

Mom is going to go outside tonight at bedtime and find Josie's star in the sky. She will cry and I will hug Mom and make her feel better.

Because that's my job.

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