Thursday, February 2, 2012


Jib here.

Mom took me in the little car.

That's because the dog car is at the car vet. In the hospital.

Mom says it is being fixed from last week. When there was a big BUMP! And when Mom said what she politely calls "words of one syllable."

So Mom took me in the little car.


Dogs whizzed by. People whizzed by. And cars! And people!! And more dogs!!!

Mom told me to settle, but I didn't. Because people whizzed by! And dogs!!

And every time they stopped whizzing and slowed down, I barked. Then I plopped onto the floor.

Coming home, though, I figured it out.

If I lie down on the seat, I don't end up on the floor.


Stem Cell Therapy for Dogs said...

Very nice photo. So, how was your dog right now?

Tatum Tot said...

When my Mum takes me in the front seat of the car it's WEIRD because usually I'm in the crate in the back. What are those things that make the rain move around on the front window? They are scary.

Anonymous said...

Jibby looks so much like his sister Giulia! I am just amazed! Best regards from "over sea" Astrid & 8paws..