Friday, December 16, 2011

Good-bye, Jamie

Sailor here.

Mom is sad. She cries. She said that one of my collie friends went to the Rainbow Bridge. He was one of Mom's favorite collies, too.

Mom said she didn't get to say one last Hello to Jamie. That makes her sad, too.

And worst of all, Mom says, there isn't anything she can do to make Jamie's Mom not so sad. Jamie's Mom is Aunt Judy, my Mom's best friend.

So I guess if one person is sad, many people are sad, too.

I will give Mom some extra hugs tonight.

So she won't feel so sad.

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Vic in NH said...

I am so sorry that there is the loss of Jamie at your household. There is hardly anything sadder than letting go of one of our beloved pets. You have my sympathies and prayers.